Happy Farm Get-To-Know Tour


We are looking forward to our next batch of new, happy, daring and globally oriented tech projects! The specially chosen will become RESIDENTS in Happy Farm’s second cycle starting in May 2013!
Join our Happy Farm Get-To-Know Tour where we will show you our cool place and tell you:
– What are the conditions of work with Happy Farm
– How to apply for Happy Farm acceleration program
– What means our day-by-day pivoted mentorship program
– Who and what are our top-notch international mentors and amazing Board Members
– What 7 classes do we launch in this season
– What our American Breakthrough – the US internship – consists of
– What are the possibilities for students: special classes and programs
– How to make your startup supersexy and successful!
Date: March, 26. Time: 7:00 PM. Place: Happy Farm Business Incubator. Adress&Maps:http://happyfarm.com.ua/bi/contacts/ 
Registration is required. 
Pls book happy ticket here! http://happynewseason.eventbrite.com/
For additional information please contact:
For startups:Tanya Luchyno +38 (066) 700 65 45
For mass media: Danuta Pisarenko +38 (067) 301 67 44

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