Lviv Startup Club Session 5.0 “Competition and patents” on January, 23

Theme of the conference: Competition and legal protection of startups.
How to win in the competition? Can I protect my invention?
– Is it true that competition is bad?
– What is the best behavior on the market with no competition?
– What to do when there are big market competition on your market?
– How to protect your invention?
– How much international patenting costs?
– Why do I need NDA?
– How to succeed in highly competitive markets?
– What is the difference between copyrights, patents and trademark?
Conference program:
– Gennadiy Kornev. “Intellectual property and startups.
– Rostyslav Chayka. ”How to work with competitors”.
– Presentation of ideas.
– Speed Networking
– Panel discussion of experts.
– Startup telescope: Oleg Mykhailovych and project “FPS Components”. ( )
– Andriy Chornyi. Project PollMaster ( )
– Yuriy Andreev. Social startup ( )
– Alex Skrypnyk. “Dr. Eleks”.( )
Register for the conference –
Registration is open until Friday, January 22, 12:00.
If you want to present your startup – send a short CV at [email protected]
The conference is designed for experienced startup entrepreneurs, and will be interesting to those who only thinks of his own project.
The panel of experts:
– Rostyslav Chayka, Business angel, the founder Lviv StartUp Club.
– Ruslan Savchyshyn, Founder and CEO MagneticOne.
– Alex Skrypnyk, Founder and CEO ELEKS.
– Andrew Pavliv. Serial entrepreneur. Co-owner of ThickButtons and other startups.
– Oleg Cherevatyi, Co-owner of several E-Commerce products.
– Gennadiy Kornev, Patent prosecution and searching professional
– Jaroslav Maksimovich, Owner
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